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8 Things You Should Know About Newborns

There are many things you don’t know about newborn until you are actually a parent. So we summarize 8 things from several experienced mothers to enrich your knowledge about newborn baby care. Things they don’t previously know may be new to you as well.

1. Newborn baby is very wrinkled.

Unlike the pretty baby you saw in the magazine or on TV, your newborn baby may not be that good-looking as you expect. The skin of the newborn baby is extremely wrinkled. A newborn will also have a layer of hair all over the body, making him look hairy.

Your newborn’s head may be squeezed from his journey through the birth canal.  So it will look a little out of shape. Also, his face may be puffy and eyes are a little gooey. But don’ worry, he will soon become the beautiful baby as you imagined.

2. Don’t expect rewards for the first 6 weeks.

In the first few weeks, your baby will not react much to you, like smile, coos and babbles. He will only feed, spit it out, poop, pee, sleep, cry, feed and circulate the cycle. This is normal. Don’t get disappointed because your effort will pay off. The baby can feel the attachment when you are holding him close. He can feel somebody is there taking care of him. He can feel anything but just can’t express. Wait until the day he surprises you with that amazing smile.

3. Newborn’s nails grow quite fast.

Your newborn’s nails are thin and fragile. They grow fast so you have to cut them regularly. Don’t be afraid that you may hurt the baby accidentally. If you don’t cut the nails in time, the baby may scratch on the face or skin and cause himself to bleed. Try using a baby nail clipper to cut his nails when he is sleeping.

4. Newborn infant doesn’t sleep with eyes fully closed.

Most newborns sleep with eyes open. Of course, not wide open, just not fully closed. You may feel confused about whether your baby is asleep or still awake. If the baby stays quietly and peacefully, seems to be sleeping but his eyes are half closed, he probably is sleeping.

5. Baby will let you know if he’s full.

If your baby is getting enough food, he will indicate you. He will try to get away from the breast, the milk bottle or just stop sucking. Baby's weight is also the best indicator in the early days. Generally, a newborn baby loses 5 to 8 percent of her birth weight within the first week but will gain back the weight by the second. Even if he is losing weight for a period of time, it doesn’t mean he is not fed enough.

6. Newborns are not able to focus.

Your newborn can’t actually see you in the first few weeks after he was born. You may think there is something wrong with his eyesight. In fact, he is not able to focus on anything until about two months later. Give it some time to adjust.

7. Newborns can cry for no reasons.

Crying is the way baby communicates. There are many reasons why babies cry. But there are also possibilities that your baby cries without reasons. If you have tried your best to stop the baby crying, nothing seems wrong but the crying won’t stop, don’t worry just be around.

8. You don’t have to hole up at home.

Take your baby for a walk, let him smell the fresh air, listen to the ambient sound, these will help your baby adapt to the world faster. But pay attention, you should still keep the baby out of the sun, avoid sick people and don’t let others kiss or touch him in the face or hands in case of infection.

These are some basic knowledge you need to know about your new arrival. So that if something out of expectation happens, you won’t be flustered. Newborn can’t react much to the outside world. You don’t have to buy a lot of newborn baby gifts like toys and gadgets to welcome the baby, but to arm yourself with infant knowledge for preparation!

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newborn photography
8 Things You Should Know About Newborns
There are many things you don’t know about newborn until you are actually a parent. So we summarize 8 things from several experienced mothers to enrich your knowledge about newborn baby care. Things they don’t previously know may be new to you as well.
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