Top 5 Baby Sound Machine Comparison

In the last article – what is white noise, we have known that white noise is a sound that does well in calming your fussy baby and soothing your baby to a state of peace. You may want a baby sleep noise for your little one after reading that but have no idea what to choose, since there are so many kinds of baby sound machine on the market. So here we pick out 5 high-ranking white noise machines on Amazon, take the product quality, humanized design, cost-effective ratio, buyer reviews and other factors into consideration, make a comparison and rank them. You will know which one to buy according to your own needs.


NO.5: Homedics White Noise Baby Sound Machine ($19)

white noise womb

This infant white noise machine has 6 soothing sounds for your choice, including white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and brook. The volume is adjustable. The timer features 3 options - 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Compact design, easy to take it with you on the go. Besides, it can be plugged into a wall outlet or powered by batteries.

But, it turns out that the quality of Homedics baby noise machine is getting worse and worse. It is not as good as it used to be. This machine has a short service life. The knob will start to be very finicky and the sound would randomly shut off without being touched, which may wake up the baby in the middle of the night.

Pros: 6 soothing baby sounds, volume adjustable, 3-level timer, compact, 2 powering ways

Cons: low quality, short service life, shut off randomly, no continuous-play option


NO.4: Marpac Dohm Classic White Sound Machine ($50)

 white noise baby womb

Marpac white noise machine has dual speed motors inside, with an acoustic housing to keep the wind from blowing out. Without the disturbance of actual moving air, You can turn it on even in winter. Freely customize the tone by twisting the machine to find the sound that is most relaxing and pleasing to you. Concise design not only makes it good-looking but also easy to use.

This machine can work all night long but with no timer settings, you have to press the button by yourself if you want to turn it off. Disappointingly, after a few weeks of use, the sound it produces is not as loud and finally gets hard to turn on. The motor hums and makes a dragging, clicking noise especially when you turn it on low. As for the design, the hard rubber feet will transfer a loud humming noise into the table it's sitting on.

Pros: dual motors, sound customizable, continuous play, good-looking

Cons: no timer setting, bad sound quality,  sound not loud enough, user-unfriendly design, no battery option


NO.3: Baby Shusher Sound Sleep Miracle Soother ($35)

 baby shusher sound

This brand is specialized for making ‘shusing’ sound that soothes baby well. A baby responds to mum’s shushing will very likely respond to this product and fall asleep fast. It has 2 timer options – 15 or 30 minutes, may be too short for your little one to fall asleep. You can twist the machine with both hands to adjust volume, or turn it on/off, which may trouble you if you are holding your baby in arm and cannot free your hands.

Baby Shusher have a really poor design. The only flat surface is the bottom, which is also the speaker. You set it down stably and it creates muffled sound, or you set it down on its side it rolls anywhere.

Pros: 2 timer settings, volume adjustable

Cons: big size, user-unfriendly design, battery-powered only, short timer setting, no continuous-play option


NO.2: SNOOZ White Noise Machine Baby with Real Fan ($100)

baby sleep noise

The Snooz white noise machine also has a built-in real fan to play white noise. It doesn't stir the air outside its enclosure. The tone is fully adjustable. 10 volume settings for your adjustment with up/down buttons. The machine can be remotely controlled via app, which features auto on/off scheduler, nursery calibration and so on.

The machine with no battery option should be plugged into the wall outlet. Bluetooth connection is unstable, always fails to connect to your cell phone. And the functions of APP need to be enlarged and improved. What’s more, it costs much more than other white noise machines.

Pros: tone adjustable, 10 volume settings, capacitive touch, app-enabled, portable

Cons: weak app, bad Bluetooth connection, expensive, no battery option


NO.1: Samxic Baby White Noise Machine with 12 Soothing Sounds ($30)

white noise baby rain waves

Samxic baby white noise machine features 12 soothing sounds (including heartbeat white noise, womb, waves, rain, vacuum white noise, soothing baby music, etc.), 3 playback modes and the auto-off function. You can freely loop a sound that your baby is especially fond of, or let the machine loop the playlist automatically. From the sound in the womb to the sound of nature, this machine will not only help your baby recapture the original feeling but also make your baby get well with the beautiful world faster. Concise design, shows elegance from every detail, fits neatly into your bag, ready to go everywhere with you.

This machine has 3-level timer settings - 30, 60, 90 minutes. Due to the energy-saving design, it doesn’t have a continuous-play option, and it only supports battery-powering.

Pros: 12 soothing sounds, 3 playback modes, volume adjustable, 3-level timer settings, concise design, travel-friendly, energy-saving

Cons: no continuous-play option, battery-powered only


Every product has its advantages and disadvantages. If you think highly of the quality and want an app-enabled white noise newborn machine, you may tend to choose Snooz. But Snooz mainly targets adult, it has only one soothing sound – white noise. If you want a high-quality machine with more soothing sounds like heartbeat, womb, birds song, waves and so on, Samxic may be a good choice for you. Samxic programmed with 12 soothing sounds is applicable to both baby and adult. It provides more choice for parents and baby that have different preferences of sleeping background sound. Variety is the spice of life. Invariable sound may soothe baby well but not helpful to explore the potential of brain. If you want a low-price, multi-way powering machine, you may choose Homedics. It all depends on your own requirement, and there is no absolutely best white noise machine baby. Samxic, also remains much to improve. The key is we’re working on it and making real progress, to give the best caring for baby.