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how to soothe a newborn


How to Stop A Baby from Crying

As parents, you must have been searching for much information about ‘how to stop a baby crying’, or ‘how to calm a crying baby in 5 seconds or 15 seconds’. Learning from others’ experience is really a faster way especially when you are an inexperienced parent. In the last article, we have shown the top 12 reasons why babies cry. This time we summarize top 12 effective ways about how to soothe a crying baby. ‘How to calm a fussy baby’ will be no longer a difficulty for you after reading it.

1. Feed the baby. Mostly a breastfeeding may stop the baby’s crying immediately if he is crying out of hunger. Infants have a strong sucking instinct, you can get your baby a pacifier to suck on after feeding.

2. Change the diaper. Diaper’s tidiness is what you have to keep checking in the parenting. If the diaper is too dirty, the baby may feel uncomfortable and cry. Therefore, if you feed your baby but baby still keeps crying, please don’t hesitate to change the diaper.

3. Burp the baby. A crying baby may swallow much air in, which can lead to spitting up, crankiness, and gassiness. Try to hold her face down -- with your hand under her belly and her head on your forearm. The pressure on her tummy can help relieve uncomfortable gas.


4. Hold your baby. Hold your baby in arms, talk to him, play with him, letting him know you are right beside him. No matter he is crying due to boredom, or fear, the familiar embrace with familiar smell will ease him down.

5. Put him to sleep. Babies are unlike adults, they can’t get themselves to sleep easily even though they are feeling tired. Put them in a comfortable position, gently sway them and ‘shhh’ to his ear until he falls asleep. You can find much information about how to soothe a baby to sleep on the internet.

6. Swaddle the baby. Swaddling makes a baby feel like back to the womb. Swaddle the baby snug enough so he can’t wriggle his arms and legs free. Make sure to always place her on her back. Stop swaddling when he is able to roll over on his own.


7. Soothing sound. Babies have heard many sounds in the womb when they were unborn yet and they are used to these sounds – your heartbeat, the flow of the blood, the movement of bowel and so on. They feel secure if you recreate these sounds for them, with the help of some products like baby white noise machine (what is white noise?). Our baby sleep soother with built-in white noise, lullabies, natural sounds may be a perfect choice for you.

8. Take a ride. Babies in the womb get used to a lot of motion. Get your baby moving and he may go right to sleep. Put him in a swing. Cradle him in a rocking chair. Lay him in a vibrating infant seat. You might even set out for a drive in the car.

9. Massage him. Undress your baby and use slow, firm strokes over her legs, arms, back, chest, and face. This may calm you down as well. Consult your pediatrician before using any oils or lotions on your baby. Click here if you want more details about how to massage a baby.

10. Distract him. Catch the baby’s attention by showing him something new, something that is capable of arousing his interest or curiosity. This is one of the best ways to stop a baby from crying.


11. Ask for support. If the negative emotion of taking care a baby appears and you can’t hold it back. Call a trusted friend, neighbor or relative for support. Give yourself a break to regulate mood.

12. See a doctor. If you have done all you can do to calm the baby but it doesn’t work, take him to the doctor. Your pediatrician can give you guidance and rule out any medical causes.

Generally, babies get just what they want and stop crying. But sometimes they are hard to calm down. If your baby just doesn't sleep through the night and spends all night crying, you may want some long-term suggestions about helping baby establish good sleeping habits. Every mother should figure out her own ways to comfort a crying baby, and this requires time. Remember, you are not a baby monitor that works all day and night. Don’t stress yourself too much if you are not taking care baby well as expected. Parenting will get easier with your tender love for the baby! 

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