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baby keep awake at night


What To Do If Your Baby Doesn't Sleep Through The Night

There are many kinds of reasons why newborn baby doesn’t sleep through the night. If your baby keeps crying at night, he may be hungry or feeling uncomfortable. Here are some of our ways to soothe a crying baby.

1. Feed the baby. A newborn baby needs feeding frequently. If the newborn doesn’t sleep through the night, maybe he is hungry.

2. Play white noise. White noise is a sound that makes the baby feel back to the womb. You can fast soothe the baby by using a white noise machine.

3. Massage the baby. Give your baby a calming massage along with a melody. Relax the baby and see if he is becoming sleepy.

We have more ways to soothe a fussy baby fast and effectively in a short time. But sometimes you find it just a natural phenomenon that baby won’t sleep at night, irrelevant to starvation or physical discomfort or other specific reasons. This is the time when you should take more long-term measures like helping baby establish good sleeping habits. If you want more suggestions from the long-term perspective, read on this post carefully.

1. Help your baby distinguish day and night. A newborn doesn’t know if it’s day or night. In fact, he doesn’t even have a concept about day and night. But you can change that by doing some easy things. In the daytime, try getting your infant in and out of the sunshine now and then. Of course, don’t explode him in the sun for long. If you can’t take him out, place the crib closer to windows or balcony where the natural bright light is sufficient. In the evening, you should keep the lights low or turn them out at night. Your baby will gradually realize the difference between day and night.

2. Keep your baby awake a little longer. A baby needs much sleep, especially a newborn one. Baby will reduce the sleep time little by little as they grow up, but they still need much sleep compared to adults. You can’t stop your infant from sleeping when he is feeling tired or wake him up when he is sleeping well, but you can keep him awake a little longer in every waking period during the day. For example, you can play with your baby for a little while after feeding him instead of letting him sleep directly. Keep the baby energetic a little more and the baby will need more sleep later at night.

3. Let the baby take naps during the day. Making your baby sleep at night doesn’t mean you should entirely prevent him from sleeping in the day. On the contrary, you should let your baby take naps whenever he wants, just to make your baby easier to fall asleep at night. Baby and young children are less capable of withstanding long times of wakefulness than older kids and adult, so they need to take a rest in the daytime. If your baby hasn’t snapped in the day, he will be too exhausted and fussy to fall asleep at night. Taking naps is not only important for the baby’s nighttime sleep, but also important for baby’s overall health and development.

4. Establish a bedtime routine. Taking a bath, feeding him, popping him into pajamas, and then playing music. Doing these things in regular order every time before baby sleeps and the baby will know when it’s time to sleep even though you are not putting him down. Try to keep your baby active lively in the day but let him stay calm and quiet at night. That is, let your baby play toys or games or other things make him excited during the day but play some lullabies, read storybooks to him when the night falls, so that when the sleeping time is coming, he won’t refuse to sleep but feel tired and sleepy.

5. Let the baby fall asleep on his own. A newborn depends much on mum to get to sleep. He needs you to hold him comfortably in your arms, gently pat him or sway him. It may be a little difficult for him to sleep on his own now that he is used to being soothed to sleep like these. But don’t postpone the inevitable thing. Start to let the baby sleep by himself at 5-6 months, leave your baby crying for a few minutes before you return, and extend the time you leave the baby between each visit. Try working your way up from 2 to 10 minutes gradually as experts suggested. And your baby will begin to become aware of separation from you.

Newborn sleep is erratic and unpredictable. Helping baby establish good sleeping habits is not only good for baby’s health but also for parents’ sleep patterns. Making your baby’s sleep time coincident with yours takes time, but it is all worthy. So be patient, follow our advice, stick to your plans, and then see how your baby changes in the way you want. If on the contrary, you have the opposite worry that your newborn baby sleeps too much, you can click the link to get more information.

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baby keep awake at night
What To Do If Your Baby Doesn't Sleep Through The Night

There are many kinds of reasons why newborn baby doesn’t sleep through the night. If your baby keeps crying at night, he may be hungry or feeling uncomfortable. But sometimes you find it just a natural phenomenon that baby doesn’t sleep at night, irrelevant to starvation or physical discomfort or other specific reasons. And this is the time when you should take more long-term measures on baby sleeping.

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