Keeping active during pregnancy

If you were a gym bunny, jogger or general working-out kind of girl before you conceived, there is no reason to stop exercising the minute you find out you are pregnant – as long as whatever you are doing is safe, and still feels comfortable.

Staying active
Obviously, the bigger your bump gets, the more you will have to slow down your regime, and depending on what kind of exercise or sport you take part in, perhaps adapt it, or switch to something more gentle. Contact activities, such as kick boxing, or self defence classes, or games like squash where there is a chance of being hit should be avoided, and sports with a risk of falling like horse riding or skiing should only be done with extreme caution.

Swimming, walking and yoga are all excellent for mums-to-be, and give you an energy boost, as well as keeping you supple, fit and healthy. Some gyms will run special sessions for pregnant women, so have a look at what is available to you locally, or ask your midwife if she knows of any ante-natal classes.

Strengthen your muscles
There are some specific exercises you can do in pregnancy to strengthen your muscles – and not just your tummy and back ones! Keeping your pelvic floor in shape will pay dividends after your baby is born! Check out the NHS Choices page on exercise in pregnancy for some gentle daily routines which will keep your body (pelvic floor included!) in tip top condition throughout your pregnancy.

"I spoke to the midwife about exercising and she said as long as you were active before and are not doing anything new then exercise is great and is encouraged - I do two classes a week plus I run as well."