Newborn Sleeping Too Much?

Baby sleep is one of the hardest tasks to manage when taking care of a baby. More often than not, new parents’ most common concern is that their babies are not sleeping enough. However, there are also parents having the opposite worry that baby sleeps too long.

1. How Much Sleep Does A Newborn Need?

Here is a table for you to contrast with your baby’s sleep time so that you will have a general idea whether your baby is sleeping too much or too little at his age. However, keep in mind that every baby is different. Some sleep more than this and some sleep less. A little difference from the table is normal. Babies may sleep more or less than usual especially when they are sick or experience a disruption in their regular routines.


Daytime Sleep

Nighttime Sleep

Total Sleep


8hrs (3 naps)

8hrs 30mins

16hrs 30mins

1 month

6hrs to 7hrs (3 naps)

8hrs to 9hrs

14hrs to 16hrs

3 months

4hrs to 5hrs (3 naps)

10hrs to 11hrs

14hrs to 16hrs

6 months

3hrs (3 naps)



9 months

2hrs 30mins (2 naps)


13hrs 30mins

12 months

2hrs 30mins (2 naps)


13hrs 30mins

From the table, we can know that newborn sleep all the time almost. Most newborns sleep in bursts of 30-40 minutes to as long as 3-4 hours. In the first several weeks, it is a natural thing that a newborn wakes up to feed and then go right back to sleep.

Newborns begin to develop a sleep schedule as they grow into infants. The baby starts sleeping at night eventually, though they may still wake up several times to feed. Most babies do not have a regular schedule until they are about 6-month old. Even then, there is a significant variation between different babies. Besides, newborns are not typically awake for longer than 3 hours at a time.

2. What to Do if My Baby Sleeps Too Much?

Newborn baby will sleep more than usual under these circumstances - they are having a growth spurt or developmental leap; a minor illness, such as a cold; respiratory infection that makes them hard to breathe or other infections; receiving immunizations; not getting enough sleep the day before; not getting enough food; having jaundice (symptom of which - newborns have a yellow color to their skin and a yellow cast to the whites of their eyes) and so on.

If you can’t find the reasons why your baby sleeps more than usual, for he is healthy and don’t have the symptoms above but his sleeping time is far different from the table, you can try these ways to make a change.

  • Take your baby out for walks in the daytime so they will be exposed to the natural light.
  • Reduce the clothing baby is wearing so that they will get less warm and wake up for feeding.
  • Reduce the stimulation during the day that may cause your baby overtired so that they won’t fall asleep despite being hungry.

As we know, it’s inappropriate to wake a sleeping baby. What you can do is only keeping your baby awake a little longer in every waking period during the day or try some tricks that let them wake up themselves. If you are really concerned that your baby sleeps so much that he is not eating enough, you can call a pediatrician.

Sleeping is quite important in the growth path of a baby. It can influence the baby’s height, brain development, immunity, physical and mental health and so on. Please make sure your baby gets adequate sleep as he needs unless he is sleeping much more than the "average" amount of sleep. If on the contrary, your baby has difficulty falling into sleep, you can check out other of our articles - What to Do if Baby Doesn't Sleep Through the Night.