Pregnancy Not To Do List

Pregnancy brings many physiological and psychological changes in a woman. And you need to be very careful about pregnancy dos and don’ts during these 9 months. In the last article, we make a Pregnancy To Do List for expecting mothers. You may also need a Pregnancy Not To Do List for more comprehensive information about the way to live a healthier pregnancy life. Here are 6 things not to do while pregnant.

1. Don’t eat these foods

Pregnancy diet is one of the most important aspects to take notice of while pregnant. And the biggest lists of don’ts for pregnant women involves food. Do not eat raw or undercooked foods including meats, eggs, seafood, unpasteurized dairy, high-mercury seafood, etc. You should avoid drinking alcohol and limit your caffeine intake as well. They may contain harmful components that can affect yours and your baby’s health adversely. Click here for more information about things not to eat while pregnant.

2. Don’t paint the nursery

There’s no way to measure real toxicity if you expose yourself to paint, so this suggestion is based on the likelihood of toxicity. If you’re not sure whether the paint contains harmful substances, just don’t do painting, to be on the safe side. Paint toxicity depends on the individual chemicals and solvents in the paint, as well as exposure. While it’s considered that household painting has a low exposure level, the safest course of action is to seriously reduce your exposure to the fumes from these paints. If you want to paint the nursery, you can use natural or organic colors.

3. Don’t take certain medications

Whatever you consume, your baby does too. Some medications can be harmful to your growing baby. Certain medications may have specific dosage. Consult your doctor before taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications and supplements.

4. Don’t smoke or breathe secondhand smoke

Smoking is terrible for you and your baby. When you light up, your baby smokes too. This may lead to low birth weight, premature delivery, miscarriage, birth defects, stillbirth or other complications. Also, be mindful that secondhand smoke can be nearly as bad. There are roughly 4,000 chemicals in secondhand smoke, and some of them have been linked to cancer. Keep distance from your husband if he is smoking. Or ask him to stop smoking at home around you.

5. Don’t sit or stand for too long

During pregnancy, sitting, standing or staying in the same position for extended periods can be problematic. It may lead to swollen ankles and vein problems. Take frequent breaks and move around to keep your legs elevated if you have been on your feet for quite a time. And try moving around getting your body moved if you’ve been seated for some time.

6. Don’t wear stilettos

You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes while pregnant. Stick to shoes with a 3-inch heel or less such as platforms, wedges, and kitten heels. Your center of gravity will change as your belly grows. High heels may make you uncomfortable. You may find yourself a little unsteady on your feet if you wear high heels. Reduce the possibility you fall down by giving up your beautiful high-heeled shoes during pregnancy.

There are many things to avoid during pregnancy in order to lead a healthy pregnancy life. If you find yourself related to the DON’TS above, you’d better make a change! You may feel suppressed in the beginning cause there are so many desires you have to store up, but, think about the baby inside you before you’re about to do something that is harmful to her. Your love for baby will overcome those forbidden desires!