Pregnancy Diet: Top 6 Food to Eat While Pregnant

Pregnancy Diet: Top 6 Food to Eat While Pregnant

Pregnancy is an important period for a woman. During the pregnancy period, she not only needs to ensure the nutrition of herself but also the baby’s. Having a healthy but nutritious pregnancy meal plan will make things easier. That’s why we write this post. We collect 6 best foods for pregnancy. Just read on and find out what to eat when pregnant.

1. Dairy Products

During pregnancy, you need to take in more calcium and protein to meet the growing needs of fetus. Dairy products consist of more protein (casein and whey) and calcium than rice and bread. Drinking two bottles of milk every day help you become healthier and give baby a stronger physique.

Except for calcium and protein, dairy products are rich in amino acid, which helps to improve the body’s microcirculation and strengthen pregnancy’s immunity. Besides, milk contains hypnotic substances. Pregnant women can drink a cup every night to calm the nerves, which can improve the quality of sleep. After all, most pregnant women often sleep not well when fetus grows in their bellies.

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2. Eggs

Eggs are one of the healthiest pregnancy food as they contain almost all nutrients you need. According to previous research, an egg consists of about seventy calories, protein, fat, vitamins choline, and minerals. It is said that low choline intake will increase the risk of having a baby with poor brain function.

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3. Fish Liver Oil

Fish liver oil is made from the liver of fish, generally from cod. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which matters a lot for fetus’s brain and eyes development. Taking in a certain amount of fish liver oil during your early pregnancy is essential. But pay attention, this healthy food for pregnancy may be dangerous to your fetus if you take in too much. So remember DO NOT EAT EVERY DAY.

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4. Fresh Fruit

For a pregnant woman, almost all fruits are the best foods to eat while pregnant as they contain abundant vitamin C, sugar, calcium and minerals. But it does not mean you can eat any fruits anytime. According to the doctor’s advice, you should eat fruits based on your pregnancy stage.

  • Early Pregnancy: During early pregnancy, we suggest you eat more grapes, apples, bananas, oranges and pomelo.
  • Mid-Pregnancy: When you move into mid-pregnancy, you should eat more lemon, cherries, pears, and kiwifruits, apples, and grapes. As in this stage, the fetus grows rapidly and needs more nutrition intake like vitamin and folic acid. Cherries are rich in iron elements, which can decrease the possibility of pregnant women to get anemia.
  • Late Pregnancy: At this stage, pregnant women should eat more oranges, pears and kiwifruits as they are rich in vitamin and minerals, which are helpful to protect blood vessel and decrease blood lipid. Besides, grapes are essential during pregnancy. It is said that eating grapes during pregnancy will help fetus get bigger and more beautiful eyes. But remember DO NOT DRINK MILK AFTER EATING GRAPES.

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5. Whole Grains

To ensure pregnancy nutrition, eating whole grains is smart for pregnant women. Whole grains, different from refined grains, contains abundant fiber, vitamins and plant compounds. Eating whole grains, especially oats and quinoa, during mid and late pregnancy stage is very important. Besides, they are packed with vitamin B and magnesium, which are essential nutrition during pregnancy.

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6. Lean Meat

As rich in iron, choline, protein and vitamin B, Chicken, fish, beef, mutton, and pork are best foods to eat when pregnant. The blood volume of pregnant women gets increasing especially during the third trimester, therefore, they need to iron. Lack of iron during this stage may cause iron deficiency anemia, which may double the danger of delivery.

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In a word, as a mother-to-be woman, no matter what you eat, you should consider whether it will bring risk for your fetus and your own body. Also, there are foods to avoid during pregnancy. This is the first stage but also the most important stage you should pay attention. Otherwise, you may encounter with various annoying things like physical discomfort and baby always crying after giving birth.