Review: Samxic Video Baby Monitor

What the customer :

Kelly from CA

Way more useful than expected. The sound is surprisingly good and the picture quality is amazing. I love the fact you can remotely adjust the camera view from the remote without making a sound. There is a good selection of lullabies also. I am very pleased with this monitor and can see more uses for it than just for the baby. This is a well designed product with very user friendly controls.

Anu from ID

I bought this video monitor to monitor the entrance of my apt and living room when I am not at home. It works very well, and even at night. I like it so far because it helps my a lot.

Jenny from IS

This baby monitor packs with many features, such as night vision, long last battery, big screen and 2-way intercoms. I can rotate the camera and play baby smoothing music from the monitor device remotely. Also the monitor device displays the temperature around the baby proximity area.

Mechal from GE

I am very satisfied with the baby camera, especially its large screen is easy to operate, the volume can be adjusted, the definition is also very high, and the night vision function enables me to see clearly at night and see my baby in a good state of the product.

Cheet from US

This baby monitor operation page easy to read individual thinks to suit a person at home with her treasure treasure mom dad are used, such as in the bath, cook, go to the toilet, can through the screen to see the baby's every move, baby will remind what passed a monitor, and can be addressed through the screen and the baby. Very good product.

Amande from UK

The quality of its picture with 720P resolution is fantastic. I can clearly see if my granddaughter eyes are even open or closed when she is laying in the crib quietly. I am also shocked with its night vision capability.

Cathy from UA

I only wish I had found this monitor when she was an infant, the clarity of it brings so much comfort and it definitely would have been the only monitor I needed. It can be used plugged in or wireless so it makes it very convenient if you want to go from room to room. The battery when fully charged lasts most of the day even longer if you use the screen off mode. The lullaby feature is cute although with a toddler its more of a novelty than productive but i could see it being soothing for a younger baby. I especially like the fact that this system can have multiple cameras paired to it so if i want to be able to watch another room i can easily do so with the same base monitor without hassle. This monitor is truly worth ever penny. I would buy it again over and over,

Kiki from AU

I did a lot of research on baby monitors and was looking for a good monitor at a fair price. This one is perfect for me. When I brought the monitor home, I immediately plug it in before use for the recommended 16 hours. After charging, I test the monitor with the screen left on constantly. The battery lasted 4 hours (as they stated). If I put the monitor in sleep mode, the battery lasted several hours more. You can just push the power button and the screen will go dark. When you want to see your baby, you just push the power button again and the monitor immediately comes on. If you want to keep an eye on your baby all day/night long then just leave the monitor plugged in. The screen is big which is what I like. The feed is great and we never had an interruption in the signal. The daytime video is clear, but the night time visual can be a little fuzzy. Don't get me wrong. At night, you can definitely see your baby sleeping soundly or awake with her/his eyes open. The bedroom is on the opposite side of the house and has several interiors walls for the signal to pass. The sound is good as well. It has crying and temerature alert, that can made my job easier during the day. Doing household chores and being able to keep an eye on my little one is perfect.

Daniel from AU

We are able to see our son perfectly while he sleeps. Night vision works great. Camera is not bright in a dark room, it does not bother my son, he is fine with it at night. Parent unit has an amazing 5 inches screen which is great to keep an eye on baby. If I had to point out some cons it would be inability to adjust the volume of the lullabies. However they are not a big deal. We don't use the music much.

Richele from US

The biggest advantage of this monitor is that its large screen is very convenient to use. It can also perform two-way dialogue and night vision function. Compared with other models, I feel that this is really the price.

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