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We LOVE this product so far! We have used a video monitor for all of our 6th children and have used the same old one up until now so I was nervous to try a different brand. I'm so happy with this monitor!

Pros: I really like the zoom feature as well and the fact that you can 'scroll' the camera to move it if baby moves around. The battery lasts a decent amount of time and the monitor is super light weight. I like the microphone option and I can see us using it as our baby gets older.

Cons:When zoomed in, the picture can be a little fuzzy. HOWEVER, I can still see that my baby is safe and I can see when she is awake/asleep so it would not be a deterrent for me.

Overall, the price it great and we are very happy with this monitor! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to use a video monitor...which, we absolutely love!

Great picture quality

I purchased this monitor as a change for my second baby as I wanted to try something different from my first motorola monitor. First, I like the flexibility of the camera and the picture on the monitor is clear and sound is clear as well. While I had some technical issues I give this product 5 stars because I love the picture and sound quality and they have excellent customer service.

Best value!

This unit was used for a Hospice patient at home. It worked incredibly well. Signal was strong even though I live next door.
I added a second Camera and as long as you follow the directions it will easily pair the 2nd Camera.
I used one Camera in his TV room and the other in the adjoining room where he slept.
Picture is super clear and you can digitally zoom in and pan the image. You can hear the patient and talk back. It will also monitor the temperature in the room.
This was incredibly helpful to my wife who was the principle care provider.

starsVery reasonable price. Works great!

This unit was used for a Hospice patient at home. It worked incredibly well. Signal was strong even though I live next door.
I added a second Camera and as long as you follow the directions it will easily pair the 2nd Camera.
I used one Camera in his TV room and the other in the adjoining room where he slept.
Picture is super clear and you can digitally zoom in and pan the image. You can hear the patient and talk back. It will also monitor the temperature in the room.
This was incredibly helpful to my wife who was the principle care provider.

This can be used for more than just monitoring babies!

I have dropped the monitor several times by accident and it still works like a champ! I actually used it for my dog. She recently passed away at age 17 1/2. During the last three months of her life, she was blind and deaf but she still had all of her facilities and she was enjoying her life as much as I was enjoying her. Because of her condition during those final months, I stayed with her 24/7 except for short trips to get groceries. The baby monitor meant I could go into the kitchen and other places in the house when she was napping and get things done without worrying about her waking up when I wasn't with her. Now I use it at a front window to monitor who's walking up to my house. It's very easy to use and the monitor shows a crystal clear picture.

Excellent battery life

Love this monitor. We battled for over a year with our vtech monitor and constant disconnects and a crappy battery life. With baby #2 on the way we wanted something totally different but still affordable. This monitor, while not quite as fancy, works so great! Battery life is FANTASTIC. (Forgot to plug it in this am and it was off the charger for over 12 hours .) our vtech monitor didn’t even make a nap longer than 2 hours! Very pleased w this monitor for the price.

Great monitor with all the necessary extras for the price.

After my more expensive Motorola baby monitor bit the dust after only 18 months (apparently the charging port has known issues and Motorola refused to replace it), we were on the hunt for a new baby monitor that was inexpensive but still had a clear video, two way talk, lullabies, and good night vision. This one fit the bill in all areas! We have a 1600 sqft house and the baby monitor is at one of the farthest points from the camera and it still gets a great signal. The camera itself is easy to install and adjust, and the battery life of the monitor is great, especially if you keep the screen off when it's not in use.we are 6 months in and it's totally fine! Hopefully it will last more than 18 months. I'll update this review if it doesn't!

Great Product!

We purchased this monitor with the birth of our second child. The setup was easy. Additionally, we found the features of this set very useful. We had tried another poplular brand of monitor and this one far exceeds the other monitor in quality and functionality. This monitor was far easier to setup.

Best Monitor; especially for the price!

I have had several baby monitors over the past four years. All have broken and have been very expensive. I previously owned Levana monitors. My last Levana monitor was almost 300 dollars and two have broken n the last year. This monitor's reception and features are so much better than the last. The reviews speak for themselves; this monitor is totally worth the money! I love it and regret buying the other expensive monitors that did not work nearly as well!

Very Clear Picture, Would Reccomend to Others.

Love this monitor/camera. I didn't have one with a camera when my first child was born and really wish I would have. You can really see the baby with the clear picture on the monitor. The night mode works wonderful, just wish I could dim the display a bit more, I would definitely recommend this to others looking for a baby monitor/camera.

Excellent product!

Overall, I really love this monitor and it's a great value! We initially got just audio monitors for our little one, but once he was about 4 or 5 months, we wanted a video one because he was starting to roll over from back to stomach (but had a hard time rolling back the other way, so I wanted to be able to see him). We actually decided to order the more expensive Motorola one just to try it out a couple weeks after we got this one, and the Motorola one did not work at all for us! It kept losing reception and the picture was blurry. This one is easy to use and works and surprisingly affordable! It loses reception rarelysetting
I was very shocked with the excellent customer service, in a good way of course. Makes me love this product even more knowing that the customer service is so great!

The only monitor you'll need!

I am very impressed with the Samxic monitor. We have been using Summer Infant camera the last two years for our twins and this one blows it away. With our old monitor the signal didn't reach all the way back to our bedroom and the picture was not great. The Samxic monitor can be taken into any room of our house and keep its signal. The picture is very clear and with the wide angle lens we are able to see both twins bed. We have a new baby on the way which is why it was time for a new camera. We set up the second camera in the new nursery and the Samxic camera easily clicks back and forth to each room. You can't beat the price for two cameras and outstanding quality!

Works great-price is super reasonable

I decided on this monitor because it had mostly good reviews2 . This is just for me to use when my one year old granddaughter comes over, which is mostly during the day. It is easy to use, I literally just turn it on and it works for me. There is no extra fiddling needed. The picture on the screen is really clear no matter how dark or light her room is and I can hear her even when she just talks softly to herself. My daughter and her husband spent $200 on their monitor which I have used also, and I can't tell that it works any better than this one. I would definitely recommend it.

Great Price, Great Product! ✨

I have definitely loved my monitor! The sound quality is loud and clear. I love the battery life! We just mounted it in places that let us see their beds directly. The actual screen is small, but the picture is perfect in both day mode and night mode, so it being smaller doesn't bother me. that's a small price to pay for a fantastic monitor at such a great price!

Great Monitor at a Great Price

I had never used a video monitor before, and looked into several different brands before purchasing this Samxic one. I am so glad I took a chance on this one! Infrared allows me to see my children even when it is dark, and eco mode saves on battery and eliminates background noise when baby is quiet. Overall, this is a great monitor and excellent value for the price.

Great video monitor.

I got this after being burned from vtech. And must I say I love this baby monitor.

Easy user interface.
Clear audio/visual
Nighttime mode is clear and able to see kids
with no static
Audio lights so I can turn the sound off but see if the baby is crying from the lights on top.
Good battery life
Good distance.

It doesn’t have a split screen mode but I was aware of that when I purchased it.

I have a better experience with this 139$ vs the 200+$ I’ve spent on crappy video monitors.

Affordable, easy set up, good resolution! Great for travel

I purchased this baby monitor as a back up. I didn't want to wait more than a week without a baby monitor as my baby was just starting to roll over. I did look into the cheaper Wifi monitors but it was important for me to be able to be able to have sound at all times and not have to go on an app to check on the baby. Very happy with this purchase. I'm impressed with the image quality for being such a small and lightweight monitor.

We were happy to keep using this baby monitor


This is the most useful thing you will ever use if you have a baby. I can see what my baby is up to at all times of day or night. I can see if she's screaming at her toy or if she wants to come out!! Now that I have 2 babies, I can switch between monitors so easily to see what my infant is up to, too (just one button!). There is an awesome feature on here that no one talks about: you can set it to automatically switch between monitors so you can leave it on the counter, do your work, and keep tabs on both babies without touching the screen!
The picture quality is very good

THe 2-way talk is cute.. now that my baby is a bit bigger (18m) I can talk to her and tell her im coming soon to get her, but i wouldn't cry without this.
overall a great buy and id definitely recommend for any mom or for a gift!
customer service is also a huge plus!!

LOVE this monitor!

I've tried so many baby monitors over the last few years and am very picky. This monitor is definitely my favorite. I have always sworn by Motorolas because I love all of their features, but they do not last. They always break or stop working properly.This monitor is amazing, from it's long battery life to the really good microphones for sound, and I love that it still had the room temperature on the screen (because the one I had by summer infant didn't). And when it loses connection in the middle of the night it only does one small beep the regains connection, unlike the Motorola's that give you a heart attack in the middle of the night repeatedly beeping so loud that it scares the crap out of you. Again, I LOVE this monitor.

Happy with my purchase

Choosing a monitor amongst all of the others out there is tough! I spent a lot of time researching and shopping and finally decided to purchase this one. I've been very happy with my purchase! Not only does the monitor work well, their customer service is
•good sized parent unit - can see baby well but still carry it in my sweater pocket
•interference free - even when right next to my phone broadcasting a hotspot!
•Eco mode - nice to use at night when you don't want the screen on all night
•Great customer service - this tipped me towards buying this
A solid choice, especially if you're not trying to spend a ton of money!

Great Option for Moms

I really like this monitor. You can get one or two and the handheld lets you switch back and forth from the cameras. This is great if you have a bab that rolls or like us you switch angels every night so the baby doesn't get flat spots on their head.

Price is reasonable
Has a mic to talk to baby (my fiancee loves to surprise me when playing with the baby in the crib with this one)
It has audio and video
You can zoom
It is closed circuit so you don't have to worry about someone hacking into it
You can turn off audio and just have video
It can sensors that go off with movement and sound
It monitors temperature

It is closed circuit so you can't check in on baby from the computer if you are away from home

Overall a great price and fit what we needed. Having a baby a lot of this stuff is SO expensive and I want to save without compromising the important things. As a new mom I had to learn that heart-rate monitor socks and mattress sensors were just unnecessary. We moved our son into the crib from the bedside bassinet at 4 months and this fit our needs perfectly.

Good purchase for us

We recently moved to a new house with no internet yet (country life) and my toddlers room is across the house. I wanted something that I could hear if he woke up screaming and it has done its job perfectly. I have no issues with the picture quality. Although it is not the best and most clear, it does what I need it to do. I can see my child just fine. Sound works great. I love how it displays the temperature in the room. Once you get the hang of the controls, its easy to work. I would say it is a great option for someone who does not have wi-fi at their home and wants to hear their child. Will set up camera #2 in the playroom once we get it set up.

Worth the buy!

Just started using this when I moved my 6 month old into her own room. I love everything about it. It is worth just being able to take a shower or run the garbage outside and I know she is still sleeping and not fussing without having to run into her room to check on her every few minutes. Who can relate to being in the shower and hearing a baby cry to run out and ... nope, she hasn't even moved!?!) The picture quality at night is excellent. I can see her eyes open and all around her bed, where her bink is and blanket, etc.Purchased because it was not WIFI based because of the stories of people hacking in. SO this is worth all the positive reviews and WORTH THE BUY! Thank you for making this product. It is life changing.

Perfect for our nanny

We joined a nanny share and needed a video baby monitor quickly. this one looked like the best one in our price range. It was pretty easy to set up. The video quality is good and it works well in a newer constriction, 2 story house. The nanny has not had any complaints, so I assume it gets the job done! A pretty good product for the price!

Practical baby monitor

This is the second baby monitor we've had, and we really love it. The camera is easy to adjust and place. it suits our needs. We've only had to plug the monitor in once a week, but this will probably depend on if you keep it on throughout the night. Our son is 2 and we just want to be able to check if he stays in bed every so often, so we turn ours off when we don't need it. You can adjust the volume, brighten the monitor screen, among other things. Definitely recommend it!