Samxic Baby Sleep Soother Penguin

baby sleep light projector

Samxic Baby Sleep Soother Penguin


Baby always turns fussy and cries but you just don't know what to do? Feel tired and lose yourself time when raising a newborn baby? Don't worry! This baby sleep aid toy is exactly what you need. Let's take a peek at this magic sound and light machine:

  • 12 Soothing Sounds
  • Colorful Stars & Moons Projection
  • Fuzzy Penguin Doll
  • 3 Playback Modes - Single Loop, Auto Loop, Manual
  • Timer Settings - 30, 60 or 90 Minutes

12 Soothing Sounds & Volume Adjustable

This magic baby sleep aid is equippped with 12 different sounds. You can try all these sound on your baby and find out one or two that she likes the most. including:

  • natural sounds like bird songs, wave and raining
  • unique sound in mother's womb 
  • white noise
  • noise made by electric fan
  • 6 enchanting lullabies
baby sleep soother with sound
baby sleep soother 3 modes

Stars & Moons Projection

Not only from hearing, this sleep soother can also attract your baby from vision by turning the room’s wall or ceiling into a beautiful sky full of colorful stars and moons.
You can not only project in single color like red, blue and green, but also project in three colors simultaneously. These will catch the baby’s attention and double the efficiency of soothing the baby to sleep.

International CE Certification Approved

Compared with other sleep aid toy, our lovely penguin achieves CE certification. No harm or any harmful substance to baby.
The sound & light mechanism is safely stuck in the fuzzy penguin. Your little angle will love to make friends with the penguin. 

fuzzy toy baby sleep machine
baby white noise machine help baby fall asleep

Washable Penguin Design

As the sound machine is stuck in the fuzzy peguin, you can take the machine out and wash it as you like. Never be afraid of bacterial attack to your little angel.

3 Playback Modes For Choice

Our sound machine sleep is designed with auto loop, single loop and manual selection three modes to meet various needs. If your baby is especially fond of a sound, you can play repeatedly it. .

baby sleep sound machine
baby white noise machine help baby fall asleep

Auto Shutdown in 30, 60 or 90 Minutes

The sleeping soother will automatically turn off in the time you preset, which not only saves the battery but also makes your job easier.