Samxic White Noise Baby  Sleep Soother pgraded Koala
Samxic White Noise Baby  Sleep Soother pgraded Koala
Samxic White Noise Baby  Sleep Soother pgraded Koala
Samxic White Noise Baby  Sleep Soother pgraded Koala
Samxic White Noise Baby  Sleep Soother pgraded Koala
Samxic White Noise Baby  Sleep Soother pgraded Koala

Samxic White Noise Baby Sleep Soother pgraded Koala

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🌟🌟This is the best gift for baby!

Samxic Sound Machine, Let baby sleep better!
Samxic baby smooth sound machine helps babies fall asleep soon, stops and reduces crying, attracts their attention, and accompanies them to play. This is a very good gift for parents and babies.
Stop crying and accompany to play Baby's cries always happen anytime. When a plush koala with music and light approaches crying babies, they’ll be attracted, break into a smile and play with it.
[SOOTHE YOUR BABY TO SLEEP]--- SAMXIC baby Soother machine is an ideal choice for new mom. Built-in white noise and lullabies give babies a safe, relaxing environment that allows them to fall asleep in no time. A well-rested baby is a happy baby and also means more sleep for the whole family!
[12 SOOTHING SOUNDS]--- This white noise machine features 6 lullabies and 6 white noise sounds: in utero sound, ocean sound, steady rain sound, electric fan sound, white noise sound, bird song sound, creating the most realistic and natural environment.
[SOFT GLOW NIGHT LIGHT TO COMFORT YOUR BABY] --- Press the light projector then a colorful galaxy of stars in darkness. The light button slowly fades into different colors to capture your baby’s attention and soothe them to sleep.
[TIMER FUNCTION]--- Due to the timer function(15, 30, 60 mins auto off timer), Baby machines for sleeping are easy to be adjusted or turned off in the dark.
[FAVORITE BABY GIFTS ]--- Searching for the PERFECT gift for new mommies and babies?? Choose ACENZ Baby Sleep Soother, not only it’s lovely koala shape, soft, and cuddly, but also a remarkable job of soothing babies to sleep. Plus, 1 YEAR WARRANTY after-sale customer service.
[The Velcro strap on the back]--- With our handy Velcro strap, secure our plush koala to the top of the crib or elsewhere in the nursery. It also stands on it's own so you can place on the dresser or change table. When you're out, secure the koala to the pram with the strap, and you're ready to go.
[SAFETY FIRST]--- Can be machine washed and dried, when sound box is removed. Soft short hair velvet will not lint-free or fade, safe for unexpected putting in babies’ mouth. No raised button, cotton and silicone material won't hurt your baby
1.Preset 12 smoothing sound: 6 white noise sound and 6 lullabies.
2.project a colorful galaxy of stars in darkness
4.Auto-off timer. The timer features 3 options: 15, 30, or 60 minutes
5.Volume Control: Feel free to adjust the volume you want,high volume quickly attracts attention, low volume helps to fall asleep
6.Easy to carry. You can put it in the car or take it with you on a plane
7.A gift for baby or new mom
Package includes:
1x Baby sleep machine Soothe & glow koala
1x User manual
1x Thank you letter


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Bought as a gift for a friend

Bought as a gift for a friend who had a hard time getting her four month old to sleep--works wonders...she sent me a picture of him lying in his crib totally focused on the light show!

Gets 2yr old to sleep!

We love it so much we bought 2! It’s the only thing that gets my 2 year old to sleep in her toddler bed. And our 4 year old was jealous so we had to get her one too. It’s the best! They fall asleep looking at the stars! I can’t recomend it enough and I found it just by searching for a sound machine.

Still going strong

My wife and I have but similar products for son however, they tend to die after a few months of use. And I’m not talking about changing the batteries. Ha ha. This night light lullaby koala still works great after a year and we use it every night, we love the automatic shut off and all the different songs you won’t regret it

It’s safe, fun, and easy to use!

I bought as a gift for my newly born grandbaby! It helps him sleep and his older brother who is 11 months old absolutely adores it! The lullabies and the changeable lighted stars are just perfect! Kudos to Samxic!

Wonderful koala and great customer service

My son loves this koala soother. Listening to it's soft melodies and watching the star display had become part of him bedtime routine. And when I had run into a small issue with the electrical component, Samxic's amazing customer service was readily available and quick to resolving my issue. I will definitely recommend this product and order again through Samxic.