Baby White Noise Machine Toddler Shushering

baby white noise machine

Baby White Noise Machine Toddler Shushering


Samxic Sound Machine is an ultra-portable white noise machine designed for babies that can magically stop babies from crying within 15 seconds. 

If your baby always cry and you are suffering enough to calm down a crying baby, this product is definitely perfect for you. Choose Samxic, your life will be liberated and enjoy a better couple and parenthood time. 

  • 12 Soothing Sounds & Volume Adjustable
  • 3 Playback Modes - Single Loop, Auto Loop, Manual
  • 3 Timer Settings - 30, 60 or 90 Minutes
  • Travel-friendly Compact Design

12 Soothing Sounds & Volume Adjustable

Different from our baby sleep aid toy, this sound machine is embedded with more kinds of sound:

  • Unique sounds: 2 shhhh sounds, white noise
  • Sounds baby tend to love: sound in womb
  • Natural sound: wave, stream, raining, bird song
  • Electric noise: fan, hair dryer, car sound, vacuum

Total 12 soothing sounds help you get the baby into a state of peace and quiet immediately. Use volume settings to adjust the sound for different environment.

baby white noise machine
baby white noise machine three modes

International CE Certification Approved

Our baby noise machine passes through CE certification. No harm or any harmful substance to baby.Just rest assured to buy.

3 Playback Modes For Choice

Our sound machine is designed with 3 modes to meet various needs: auto loop, single loop and manual selection. If your baby is especially fond of a sound, you can play it repeatedly.

baby sound machine
how to stop baby crying

Concise Appearance & Compact Structure

The speaker on the upper side will let out a crystal clear sound while standing stably on the desktop, and it is designed to be fashionably concise.

Auto Shutdown in 30, 60 or 90 Minutes

The soother sound playback will automatically be turned off at the time you preset, which not only saves the battery but also makes your job easier.

baby sound machine
how to stop baby crying


Easily slide this portable baby soother into your bag and take it with you everywhere. It will be a perfect companion when you are on the go.